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Deal Score+27
Deal Score+27

quickshippills.com reviews

QuickShipPills.com is a new player on the medication market in the USA. It is s supplier of Generic medications from India that have a FDA license. Even though medications are supplied all over the world, the company is registered in the USA.

QuickShipPills pharmacy offers a wide choice of medications in the following category: ADHD, Diabetes, Antibiotics, ED, CBD Products, Woman’s health, and Weight loss. The site has more than 250 medications by our count, and they have a high rate of the efficiency according to the WHO data.

quickshippills drug categories

The company sticks to the average pricing policy and cheap medications may be found here whilst their cost is by several times higher in the common pharmacies. For instance, we have found 100 Viagra pills at $179 in QuickShipPills. Its main competitor Cialis is for sale at $169 per 80 pills. It is lower than in many other pharmacies.quickshippills drugs price

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We are surprised by the fact that many products have Free Shipping sign, and it means that you should not pay for the delivery of the packages regardless of a number of pills. The delivery of the packages is worldwide. The most important is that your country should allow medications delivered by the airmail. Otherwise, the customs office will not pass it.

According to the statement of the site owners, the customers are well protected by the modern safe systems McAfee Secure. The payment data is encrypted on the site, and therefore the frauds do not have the access to your personal data. However, if you are interested in the additional data about the safety and confidentiality, you may contact a representative of the company by the international free phone number.

The site does not have other contacts, just free phone number of the technical support that works at 9 am to 6 pm in the Eastern time.

The site has 14 languages besides the English, therefore it will be easy to read information. Moreover, there is a calculating tool that changes the currency for the convenient comparing of the prices.

We have not found any payment methods which is very surprising. Then we have found that QuickShipPills.com does not present itself as a pharmacy, but it presents itself as a dealer between the supplier and a customer.

So, there are no direct payments on the site, and therefore the payment methods are not indicated, but on the Checkout page we found 3 methods available for payments: VISA, MASTERCARD & E-CHECK

But the company states that the company is obliged to refund the customers, if the goods does not match. As QuickShipPills.com does not have a possibility to receive medications from customers, a compensation or sending a new package is provided.

The terms of the delivery are not indicated on the site, and therefore it is necessary to contact a representative of the site before making the order. It is stated that the delivery is done by the registered airmail, and the terms depend on a country of a customer.


We have not found any review of a customer. Perhaps, the site is new, and the customers do not leave the comments. However, we have analyzed information on the internet and have not found any negative reviews of the customers.

QuickShipPills.com Testimonials

QuickShipPills.com Testimonials

The site is not so popular on the internet as other pharmacies, and therefore few people know about it. But according to the opinion of those who have bought on the site, it was great. There were no problems with the delivery and the quality of the products was high.

Maybe the absence of the reviews and a little experience of the site is a good sign because new companies always offer the best prices on the market and the most quality service. And when they do not have time to pay attention to the details, the service may become worse, and the prices may become higher.


QuickShipPills.com does not offer its customers big bonuses. We have not found this information during the site analysis.

The company just offers:

  • 15% off for returned customers;
  • A free worldwide delivery of many medications.
  • Free pills

A free delivery plays a great role because you do not have to pay $30 (like in other sites) to get the package with medications.

8.5 Total Score

QuickShipPills makes a double impression. On the one hand, it is a very attractive site with an interesting design and a wide choice of medications. On the other hand, it has little information for a customer. It does not have any address, any payment methods, exact information about the delivery. This information is provided by phone.

User Rating: 88.89 (45 votes)
Toll Free (US): +1-435-990-60-16
$12.00 • The delivery may take up to 10-21 business days.
$27.00 • The waiting period for the given shipping type is 5-9 business days.

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  1. I have been using generic viagra for many years, even though all my friends swear by american pfizier viagra. I’ve learnt in my experience that certain pharmacies use different generic viagra manufacturers and some work better than others.

    QuickShipPills seems to use a manufacturer in India called Cipla and this has always worked brilliantly. My friends can’t believe it when I tell them I pay $1 per pill. My 3rd order with QuickShipPills arrived after 2-3 weeks and is exactly what i need. They seem like a very reliable company so I’m going to keep using them.

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