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Difference Between Generic And Brand Drugs • Facts

Why are generic medicines much cheaper than the brand products?

Generic medicationBasically, the brand products have been introduced by the reputated pharmaceutical company, so partly you’re paying a high price for its name. Medicinal profits, manufacturing costs, advertising and other efforts done to get the drug at the pharmacist are making branded medicines expensive. Most of the pharmaceutical companies have a government grant for a particular time. So, they are covering huge improvement costs for their various services. For this reason, generics and branded drugs differ in price, the generic medicines are a lot cheaper than the brand medicines.

Do generic drugs work for a same period of time?

facts about generic medications

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Generic products are made of with the same energetic components and contain the same percentage of active ingredient as brand medicines. So, the generic drugs are working for a similar period of time like the branded ones.

Why do the labels and prints vary from the brand products?

The label, prints and shapes of generic drugs are different from the brand drugs and the reasons are listed above. The big pharmaceutical companies who first developed their new brand product not only took patents on the product itself, but also on the labels and prints on the packaging of the product.

Why does the shape of the pill differ from that of the branded one?

The shapes differ for exactly the same reason as listed in the question above. The shape of the pill is the intellectual property of the original manufacturer and reproducing it will qualify as the breach of copyright as well. Usually the generic pills look very similar like their expensive original equivalents.

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