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Learning Good “Sleep Hygiene” while Using Ambien

The experts will tell you that the only way to beat insomnia on the long term is to get into the habit of good “sleep hygiene.” Sleep hygiene refers to your sleep habits, including your sleep schedule, diet, bed comfort, and many other issues. However, for the millions of people who are battling with insomnia, sleep hygiene alone isn’t always enough to overcome insomnia.

When your insomnia gets really bad, it can be almost impossible to get into good sleep habits. After all, how are you supposed to get into a sleep routine if you can’t sleep? That is why doctors will prescribe Ambien sleeping pills. Ambien is not meant to be a cure for your insomnia. Just taking the Ambien pills nightly is not going to help you sleep in the long-run if you do not follow healthy sleeping habits. That is one reason why so many people suffer from rebound insomnia after stopping Ambien. Ambien should be used to help you get into good sleep hygiene.

Here are some tips for beating insomnia in the long-run with the help of Ambien.

• While taking Ambien, it is crucial that you get on a sleep schedule. You must go to sleep and wake up at the same times every day. This includes weekends! Don’t give in and let yourself sleep in on the weekends or you will not be able to set a good sleep schedule. After you stop taking Ambien, your body will still likely have rebound insomnia. However, if you stick to the same sleeping schedule during this period, your body will quickly readjust to being without Ambien and you will be able to sleep at your scheduled time.

• A bedtime ritual is very important for good sleep hygiene. While taking Ambien, make up a realistic schedule that you will be able to follow every night. This can include drinking a cup of soothing tea, reading, taking a bath, or whatever will help you relax. Stick to this routine after you stop taking Ambien as well.

• Your meal schedule affects your sleep schedule. Good sleep hygiene mandates that you do not eat a heavy meal late into the evening. If you are normally hungry before going to bed, then a light snack is okay. If rebound insomnia kicks in after you stop taking Ambien, do not snack during these insomnia hours! That will just make it harder for your body to get to sleep!

• One of the major reasons why people have insomnia is because of stress. While it can be hard to avoid stress completely, you need to find a way to avoid thinking about your stressors before going to bed. While taking Ambien, get into the habit of taking care of loose ends so you won’t be lying in bed thinking about them. Some ideas to help you do this include writing a to-do list for the morning or packing your briefcase/bag for the next morning. This way, you won’t be focusing on those worries while you should be relaxing. After all, there is nothing you can do for those worries while sleeping!

sleep hygiene tips

Ambien makes it possible to quickly get to sleep at a set time. You should really take advantage of this quality to get yourself into a set sleep routine with good sleep hygiene. That way, you can be sure Ambien is helping to beat insomnia for the long run!


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Learning Good “Sleep Hygiene” while Using Ambien
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