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Gastric problems? Try one of these medicines!

Every day life stress and other possible things in life may get you gastric problems. Luckily, lots of online pharmacies also sell medication that helps against gastric problems. Zantac, Prevacid and Norvasc are just a couple of the popular gastric problem drugs that you will probably come across when looking for a solution for your health problems. We summed up some information on these different products in this article.

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Norvasc – Active Ingredient: AMLODIPINE

Generic Norvasc

Norvasc has been termed as the besylate salt of amlodipine, which is also known as the calcium channel blocker. Norvasc can be prescribed to treat angina, which is the physical condition related to a series of chest pain. It may generate due to the lack of oxygen in the heart muscle. It can make the right call for clogged arteries. Norvasc is also a good medicine for people who want to eliminate the effects of high blood pressure.

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Generic Prevacid

Prevacid – Active Ingredient: LANSOPRAZOLE

Prevacid comprises of Lansoprazole, which is an active ingredient that can be used to treat health problems such as:

• Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
• Infectious ulcers
• Erosive esophagitis
• Excessive amount of acid in the stomach

It can also be taken by people who are having gastro esophageal reflux diseases. Generic Prevacid is equivalent to the brand Prevacid which is more expensive.

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Generic Zantac

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Zantac – Active Ingredient: RANITIDINE

Zantac can be used in order to treat the duodenal ulcer. Histamine is the natural chemical that can really stimulate the stomach cells and can produce acid. Ranitidine or Zantac has been categorized under the class of medicines that are known as the H2-blockers. It can really prevent the action of histamine on the stomach cells, and can reduce the acid production at the stomach.

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