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Deal Score+54
Deal Score+54

Web-Meds.com Reviews


Websites selling medications sometimes carry little credibility. We cannot be confident in a quality of the suppliers, a safety of the inspectors, and others. But we can collect information from available sources and make conclusions according to that.

experience usafastmedsWeb-Meds.com company has been doing the electronic commerce within the past 12 years. This information has been found on the official site of the company, and we are prone to believe it. The domain has been registered in 2017 but we found information in our partners that this company worked by means of another site.

Web-Meds.com site is a virtual storefront where medical products are represented. A choice of medications is rather big, and includes such categories as medicines for diabetes mellitus, asthma, antidepressants, antibiotics, medicines for the male and female health, drugs for the weight loss, medications for osteoporosis, eye care, etc.

Having analyses this site, we have made sure that the work is done by professionals. The design is light and it is convenient for perception.

  • Web-Meds.com company has organized a safe payment system through a bank card and Bitcoin.
  • The site has VIPPS extension.
  • A well-organized logistics all over the world.
  • SSL encryption system is used on the site to protect the personal data of every user.

The company states the every customer can be 100% confident in the anonymity during ordering. If a customer changes his/her mind or made a mistake in data after the ordering, this person can cancel the order before a package dispatch. If the package was damaged, or had incorrect number of the pills, or any other problems after getting the order, it is possible to contact a support and you will be offered a replacement.

The customer support works at a high level. We have called on the free phone number in the USA and asked some questions. A pharmacy specialist has clearly explained everything we asked him.

Also, the site has contacts for the USA and UK. A consultant is available 24/7 by phone. Customers from other countries may use a live chat.



It is not difficult to find reviews on the site. There is a separate page devoted to the user comments. In truth, the reviews assured us because it did not have set phrases like “I got the package”, or “The delivery was great” unlike other pharmacies.

reviews Web-Meds

People share their impressions, and it is trustful. There are not only positive reviews, but also somebody has said about a slow work of the support. But the company quickly replied to it, and all issues were solved.

So, we can trust the reviews on the site, and we really have found information to make a right conclusion about this site.

5% discount on all generic and brand medication at WEB-MEDS
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We have mentioned that most online pharmacies have similar bonus system. It is determined by the collaboration with the suppliers of medications.

To avoid all details of the bonus system; here are main ideas:

  • 5% off for the second order and 7% off for the next orders;
  • Free Viagra pills during every order;
  • 10% off for everybody who has brought a friend to order;
  • Free delivery during the order at more than 150 USD.

The bonus system develops by the approval of the personnel manager, the company provides the season discounts and special offers. Therefore, it is possible to subscribe to newsletter and get the freshest data about the cut prices at Web-Meds.com

For instance, every customer was offered a 5% off during Halloween.

It is possible to get from 4 to 20 pills of Viagra with every order, it depends on a package you buy. The bigger the package is, the more bonus Viagra pills will be.

Shipping Option for WEB-MEDS

8.5 Total Score

Web-Meds.com looks a common pharmacy at first sight that does not have any bright advantages. A nice site design and convenient usability gives good first impression. But when you read more, you see that the work is done by professionals, and they can build the sales. We do not doubt in the quality of the suppliers because a great experience of the company allows working with the best ones. We can pay much attention to the technical aspect, and do not estimate the quality of the pills but the reviews say that the pill quality is good, and therefore we can recommend this site. But our opinion is based only on what we have seen, and it may change tomorrow. Be attentive and explore the site thoroughly before buying anything.

User Rating: 89.5 (112 votes)
Toll Free (US): +1(866)8771187 • UK: +44(203)0110241
$10.00 • The delivery may take up to 10-21 business days.
$30.00 • The waiting period for the given shipping type is 5-9 business days.
5% discount on all generic and brand medication at WEB-MEDS
5% OFF
47 days left

  1. im very happy with the service i received from this company. sweet customer support ladies, prompt delivery, cheap prices… nothing more i could ask for. i ordered some lady products for myself and was admittedly a little nervous about ordering meds online. the girl on the phone really calmed me down. she explained everything to me plainly and even gave me a discount on my order. the medication took a little less than 2 weeks to arrive, which wans’t bad at all. when i got it it worked great and i had absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

  2. Service with this site could not be better! They have very friendly agents on the phone who will answer any question you have, no matter how small. The medication itself seemed to be good quality, no complaints about the effectiveness! Delivery took about two weeks, which is exactly as promised on the site. So far they’ve kept all their promises, so I see no reason to go elsewhere…

  3. This is my second order with Web-Meds and I forgot we had decided to order something different this time so had to change my order which I did using the live chat. Must say things couldn’t have been easier Christina was so helpful and polite and all was sorted within minutes. I would recommend using Web-Meds to all, great customer support and products

  4. Thank You for the years of Excellent Service. Other Company’s have called and tried to imitate your company and failed. Any problems are promptly resolved in a timely and professional manner. Your company has great prices and great Customer Support

  5. Ordering from Web-Meds was a very positive experience. I ordered 20 Cialis tablets from their website a few weeks ago. The order process went smoothly and I received the pills within what seemed like no time (it took all in all less than 2 weeks). Very happy with the products and the service and I will surely order from them again.

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