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Effective Hair Loss Treatment with Propecia

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If you are suffering from male pattern hair loss, you are not alone. Many men are discovering that the use of Propecia, or Finasteride (generic Propecia) is a great way to restore their natural hair due to male pattern hair loss.

What is Propecia and how does it help against hair loss?

Propecia is a tablet that is taken orally with water, with or without food. Propecia is designed to target hair loss at the vertex and the anterior mid scalp area, by inhibiting type II 5-alpha reductase, which is an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. By inhibiting this process, areas of the scalp that are notorious for male pattern hair loss or a receding hairline, can regrow lost hair discontinue hair loss. Propecia is designed for men only and should not be taken by women or children.

Safety, effectiveness and possible side effects

Any women or child should not handle broken tablets since Propecia can be absorbed through the skin. If this occurs, hand washing thoroughly with soap and water is recommended as soon as possible. Propecia have been used in a 5-year study to prove its safety and effectiveness. Men who took at least 1mg of Propecia or Finasteride daily, showed regrowth of hair loss and did not lose any additional hair.

Men who took the placebo showed no hair regrowth and continued to lose hair. Propecia, or generic Propecia (Finasteride) must be taken regularly to produce continous results. Men who stopped taking the drug started losing hair again within 6-12 months. Propecia is considered safe and effective, but as with all drugs, there are possible side effects. Side effects may include skin rash, dizziness, impotence, swelling of the legs and ankles or swelling and tenderness of the breasts. Your doctor can monitor you for possible side effects and do regular blood testing to check liver enzymes.

Missed dosage or overdose

If you accidentally take more than your regular dose of Propecia, contact your doctor or pharmacist to let them know. It would be rare for Propecia or Finasteride to cause life threatening problems in an overdose situation. If you miss your regular dose of Propecia, take it as soon as you remember. If you miss a dose and are close to taking your next dose, skip the missed dose altogether.

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