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Deal Score+48 Reviews is not a standard online pharmacy within the classic meaning. It is a trading platform where you will find the profitable offers and will be able to buy medicines at the most optimal prices.

Company selects the affordable offers of the several large pharmacy chains and the cheapest ones. Unlike the common online pharmacies Medstore-Online company pays more attention to the quality of the service, and not to the assortment of the production.

First of all, the company has its own medical specialist who may be contacted at any time. If the common online pharmacies have the common specialist of the support who may give answers to some questions, Medstore-Online offers a qualified medical specialist who may offer you’re the effective drug according to your symptoms of the disease.

Also, this doctor may tell how to take medicines, what dosage and how long.

Secondly, pharmacy guarantees 100% quality of all medicines which may be bought on this site. They are confident in their services, so that they are ready to offer you a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the pills or package.

ms online drugs price

Prices for Tramadol (50 mg), Phentermine (37.5 mg), Modafinil (200 mg)

ms online drugs price

Prices for Somadril (350 mg), Zolpidem (10 mg), Lorazepam (Ativan 2.5 mg)

MS-Online ships orders to the following countries: United States, UK (Great Britain), Ireland, Italy, Spain, Australia, France, Greece, Greece

Moreover, practices moneyback to the client, if the order was not delivered in time. It is a good reason to trust the company which is so confident in its efforts and the work of the services: logistics, sales, and quality control department.

Refund Policy for Medstore-Online

A special attention should be paid to the assortment of the production. There is a great list of the controlled drugs on the site which are rarely met in the common online pharmacies and which may be bought only by the prescription. The controlled drugs are for sale without prescription on Medstore-Online, and if you need strong medicines, you get what you need.

However, Medstore-Online has a drawback – the purchase of the drugs is possible only after registration. In order to order the shipment of the medicines it is needed to register and enter your contact data. It is required for the convenient transaction as well as for the clients’ safety, and for the easier distribution of the bonuses and discounts.

But then, it is possible to pay for your order with the help of the Credit Card, e-Check and Bitcoin

You may contact a representative of the Medstore-Online company at any time, by free phone number. The phone numbers are indicated on the main page of the website, and you will easily contact specialists of this company.

Live chat and skype are also available for the clients.



The reviews about may be read on the main page of the site. A lot of positive reviews astonishes.

testimonials medstore online

Having read about Medstore-Online reviews one may make a conclusion that the company completely meets its reputation and executes its duties. The clients are happy with not only the quality of the drugs but also service.

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Medstore-Online does not actively use the bonus and discount system because there are low prices on the site. Special bonuses and discounts are possible at certain time, in the period of the holidays or sale.

But the company guarantees a free delivery of the drugs if the cost of your order exceeds $250. This is a very pleasant bonus.

8.5 Total Score
CONCLUSION is a successful project which copes wells with all tasks of the advanced online pharmacy. there is a great choice of the rare drugs, there are skilled doctors who give free consultations, and there is a good service. Despite Medstore-Online is just a trading platform and not the classic online pharmacy, still, one may trust it, and if you found medicines which you need, you will not regret ordering them in pharmacy.

User Rating: 68.95 (44 votes)
• US: +1 888 927 72 44 • GB: +0 800 088 52 50 • AU: +1 800 62 65 14
$22.90 • The delivery may take up to 14-28 working days.
Click to visit Ms-Online pharmacy and find most popular drugs like Viagra, Modafinil, Armodafinil, Zolpidem, Adderall, Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Soma and others are represented on the site

  1. I had my doubts about ordering medication online, but I had heard good things about MS-ONLINE. I decided I would give their customer support a call and see how I feel afterwards. I spoke to a lovely lady on the phone who was so friendly and helpful she quelled all my fears. I figured I’ll go with a small order to see how I like the products. I ordered a pack of 20 Vardenafil pills each 20mg for a ridiculously low price. Less than two weeks later my package was in the mail. I decided I would surprise the wife, taking a pill on her birthday. After a romantic date we went home and had the best night together in years. These pills made me feel so young! And most importantly, she enjoyed them quite a bit as well. After that first night I immediately went to the Ms-Online to order another package. Still not disappointed with this one either. I would highly recommend this site.

  2. My order from Ms-Online came in the mail real quick after I made the order. They have a really good website and, good customer support as well though I didn’t really need them for anything. So far no spam mails from these guys either, they look very legit to me!

  3. This is an absolutely fantastic company. My order was processed easily and with a great deal of concern. I ordered using their airmail courier service and it came at precisely the time they said it would. Thus far the items I ordered are working as advertised. Courteous and efficient company-you can trust these guy.

  4. i ordered the first time on Ms-Online using the RXPR coupon and got my order as promised. I even called he pharmacy to verify the lot number and spoke to the pharmasist. i’m very impressed with their service and recommend to all. thanks

  5. I am a regular customer of Medstore-Online and I can only recommend them. I read a lot of good reviews about their customer service in particular and, without a word of a lie, they are excellent. The service is reliable anyway but any small problems I’ve had with my orders in the past get sorted out immediately by their team. Best source on the internet for generic medication.

  6. I was very surprised to find an online pharmacy willing to uphold strict quality standards for both customer service as well as the products they provide. With most online pharmacies you can have either a great price or fast shipping but with this pharmacy you get both (most of the time). I’ve order about 8 times and only 1 time did my shipment come later than expected. You just can’t ask for anything more than that. I’ve tried them all and believe me when I say that this one is ace!

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